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Hi there, welcome to my WP Scope Review. This will be my very personal review about WP Scope from Cindy Battye. It uses Periscope as the power source to generate unique content and crazy traffic for you.

WP Scope Review – Overview

First of all, the fact for today trends is that a live streaming video is very cool. Live streaming video is the hottest trend in video marketing. However, there are 2 other things which make me interested in Periscope. It is on mobile and it makes people following you get push notifications each time you broadcast a new live streaming video.

I want you to really know how powerful this tool is. It does not matter wherever place the user are, and whatever they are doing, or if your follower are with their computers or not, they will always get notified about your new broadcasts and can always view them if they wan to.

This means it gives you the opportunity to not only build up the number of your followers but also connect with them most of the time. And also, as it’s live streamed, you can connect with your community at a much more personal level.

Why is it that essential to connect with your followers at a more personal level, being an internet marketer? It is simple because there are 3 things that they need so they will buy from you. Your people must know, like and trust you.

You can find all those three in apps like Periscope. It allows you to reach a wider range of potential customers and make them know about you. It enables you to interact with your customers with higher level of intimacy. Then finally, those will make them like you and trust you.

Created by Cindy Battye, the new WordPress Plugin called WP Scope can automates the process for you to build a successful blog based on video from Periscope that can drive huge load of traffic.

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What is WP Scope?

WP Scope review – it is an ultimate WordPress plugin which works through Periscope so it can publish hottest trendy video content and generate leads and sales.

WP Scope was tailor-made and built to tap into a huge source of targeted audiences. It can significantly boost your website traffic by making uses of opportunities which your competitors mostly unaware of.

So as a result, your website will be able to get a steadily strong flow of social media traffic with Periscope.

Just in case you don’t know yet, Periscope is a $100m Twitter app which was released in March 2015 and it represents the next stunning trend in video marketing.

WP Scope provides a big chance to automatically operate the process of earning huge profits from the most trending app before it gets saturated.

WP Scope Demo Video

Please check out the demo video right below so you can see WP Scope review in real-life action and see with your own eyes its functionality and features.

WP Scope typicalfeatures

  • Legally fill your website with trendy content
  • Unlimited videos available only on your site
  • Fully automated process
  • Works with any niches
  • Step-by-step setup wizard and tutorial videos
  • Free lifetime support and updates
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One-click updates

WP Scope start it all with curating content for you. It will search the entirely Periscope for videos based on keywords and tags which you define. After that, WP Scope creates video content in a post on your website and optimize it to be fully SEO ready.

WP Scope will then syndicate the video post by uploading it to YouTube, Amazon or Daily Motion. The final step WP Scope will do is publishing the posts all on automation and send notifications to your followers via various social media websites.

This ultimate process will help you to drive much more traffic than you ever expected to your website. This is because Periscope only store video for 24 hours for later viewing online.

That means if those video go viral, a flood of traffic looking for them will go to your website as you are hosting the video much longer.

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WP Scope Pricing

WP Scope is originally sold at the price of $97. However, Cindy Battye is offering a discount price in a very limited time. In this special time, you can buy WP Scope for only $37.

I am also giving away all valuable bonus products as below if you purchase WP Scope through my link.

WP Scope Review – Evaluation & Comparison

The WordPress plugin WP Scope which revolves around 3 of the most effective approaches for MMO this year – live streaming video, viral traffic and automated content creation. Moreover, WP Scope is the very first plugin to use the source of Periscope which will result in a revolutionary system of automated video profits.

Periscope is a super live streaming video app for both Android and iOS. It was bought by Twitter for over $100 million in Mar 2015. This app allows its users to connect with their followers by hosting “scopes” that get shared across Twitter. You can do it all without any effort because your viewers are doing every steps.

If somebody follows you on Periscope, he will get notifications on his mobile device when you add new videos. This function gives you the access to reach your audience in a more powerful way than ever.

If you are starting to pop in your mind that this is unlike anything you have ever seen, that is because you truly haven’t. This is a revolution in video blog marketing. It is always more beneficial for ones who are the firsts to take advantages of this special weapon before anyone else.

WP Scope Review – Conclusion

Now, if there is one drawback of Periscope, it has to be that the app is unable to keep its audiences after building a huge number of them. That’s exactly the point where WP Scope jumps in and complete the equation.

This WordPress plugin will maximize the strength and features of the app. WP Scope generates huge amounts of targeted audiences by keeping and leveraging content, traffic and fan power of Periscope.

After installing and activating WP Scope, you will get a very powerful tool to curate high quality video content to your website all on automation.

That’s the end of my WP Scope review. I hope that everything I mentioned above has given you enough information about this amazing plugin so you can make your best buying decision. Thank you for reading my review!

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