Why Should You Buy At My Site?

Hello friend ,

Today I will share you a email. This is a email of customer , he bought Video Wave Pro product . He paid for vendor but he didn’t receive email login infor .

He want to try contact with vendor , but he can’t . Because he bought it on a single website promote ( This is name I call for some website just promote one product and site will die when they promote strategy ended. )So he can’t receive any help for his problem . He sent a email for me ( althrough he didn’t buy this product on my site ) .


But I help him contact with vendor . That a reason I recommend you should buy product on reputable sites .

Of course you can buy anywhere you want, but make sure you get help when meet trouble with the product.

How to refund product if you don’t satisfy

I can’t help you problem with refund . Why ? Because I just a Seller and sell product through aff link . If you want to refund product please read below:

  1. Check information about guarantee on sale page. If vendor accept refund within 30 days or 45 days. Read step two Or you can’t refund
  2. Using open case in paypal , if you check out by paypal.
  3. Using bank , if you check out by credit card.
  4. Contact vendor
    Thank you !