Type Of Keyword In SEO

An SEO strategy can succeed or not, and also the most important step is select and evaluate keywords SEO.We have 2 type of keyword is long tail keyword and short keyword. Today , we will discover them .

What is a keyword?

Keywords  is the word / phrase means that users use to query results in search engines.

For example : best hunting boots

Keywords in SEO is an important factor for any one search engine. Choosing the right keywords to optimize is a very necessary and ensure the success of any SEO strategy. By contrast, if the keyword research is not good for the SEO will not only costly in terms of time, but also money and effort now. There are many ways to do keyword research, but most important is to always go deeper still, sticking with the service – items that your website gives customers.

Type of keyword in SEO

Basically there are two types of keywords, which are: long tail keyword and short keyword

Short keyword: The term includes compounds 2-3 to form words. For example : best hunting boots

Long tail keyword: The phrase consists of 4 words or more merge them into words. Keywords usually from extended length of short keywords.

Keywords long customer coverage, lower keyword SEO shorter but more easy.

For example : best hunting boots in the word

Detail of keyword

why I call this section as “detail of keyword”, because I’ll show you how deep the types of keywords in the long tail keywords and short keywords.

Before going on to explain the types of keywords, let’s get acquainted with 3 terms:

+ Searches

+ The competitive keywords

+ Conversion Rate.

– First: the keyword searches. In the past, we can check with Google Planner tool. However current tools are no longer free to use. So I suggest using Kwfinder.com, a tool is very accurate and efficient in the evaluation process searches in addition it also assesses the difficulty of the keyword. Help us to accurately assess the level of competition that keyword

Second: The competitive keywords, you can see how difficult it is to do SEO keywords. To know the difficulty of the keywords we can check if there are many people that are not SEO keywords, keyword difficulty proportional to the number of SEO keywords.

How to check the number of SEO keywords:

Search Google: intitle: “keyword” Or if you use kwfinder.com , this tool will help you assess the difficulty of that keyword

Third: conversion rate (conversion rate): Often described as the ratio between the desire to achieve the goal (goal) and the number of hits (traffic) of a website. For example, there are 10 people who access the web that one shopper. , The conversion rate here is 10%. Depending on the target, your desire how that will be the determining conversion rates vary.

Keyword Types:

+ Navigational keyword : for example : SamSung , LG, Nike : this is brand keyword

+ Informative keyword: for example :how to use computer, how to build website : this keyword help user find information

+Buyer keyword : best hunting boots , best cookware: this keyword help user find product they want to buy

Different between keyword and anchor text

Anchort test is a word or phrase used in the Hyperlink, pointing to the website of your ecommerce. Anchor text is the keyword can also but it would be a URL, brand name, website names, phrases like navigation users: click here, click here, see, … And if you use the anchor right next to keyword text in the backlink building process you will have a natural backlink profile in the eyes of Google, this will help your website to the top safely and sustainably in the future.

You also need to note when placing anchor text should not put 2 anchor text with the same url in the post, page, .. because if that is the case Google will only priority 1 first anchor text.

Type of Anchor text

1.Generic Anchor

– Tag goal: “anchor text”

– Anchor Text: “go here”

For example, “If you’re looking for more information about anchor text go here right away.”

2.Branded Anchor

– Tag goal: “anchor text”

– Anchor Text: “Gotch SEO”

For example “Anchor text is the visible and clickable text in a link. For more in-depth information you shouldn’t read this article from Gotch SEO. ”

3.Naked Link

– Tag goal: “best hunting boots”

-Anchor Text: “http://www.hugehunting.com/best hunting boots /”

For example “For more information about in-depth best hunting boots I highly recommend this article: http: //www.hugehunting.com/best hunting boots /

4.No Anchor

– Link located in the images, alt = blank. Anchor text is “no text”

5.Brand + Keyword Anchor

-Keyword Goals: “link building”

-Anchor text: Gotch SEO

For example : ‘ link building strategies by Gotch SEO

6.LSI Anchors

“LSI” is an abbreviation of “Latent Semantic Indexing”. It means change your major keywords.

-Keyword Objectives: link building

-Anchort text: “what is link building”

Search LSI keywords is super easy. You can use Google Suggest options in the search bar, “Searched related to ___” at the bottom of search results, or you can use the Keyword Planner.

7.Partial-Match Anchors

Partial matches similar to LSI, but the biggest difference is it contrary to the suggestion of using Google or use the keyword search volume.

-Keyword Goals: “link building”

-Anchort Text: “learn about link building”

I use pretty much anchor partial-match because it is a natural way to link to another site.

8.Long Anchors

Long anchors is an extension of the partial-match

-Keyword goal: hunting boots

-Anchort Text: “hunting boots are a necessary for a hunter”

9.Exact Match Anchort

This is the anchor has the power to increase your rankings, but it also has the power to punish your site.

-For Example, if the “link building” is the key word of my goals is my anchor exact match will be the “link building”.

Ok this all of knowledge about keyboard and anchort text I know . If you have more knowledge , you can share it on comment . Thank you for watching

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