Mobile Video Boss Review And Bonus

Discover EXACTLY What’s Covered Inside…

Social Video Ads includes 8 lessons of comprehensive and over-the-shoulder training videos designed to walk you through the process of running successful Facebook video ad campaigns!
Finally, you’re going to learn how gurus are doing it! You no longer have to spend a lot of time and money to figure things out. Everything is revealed to you inside the members area…

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8 Lessons of Video Training:
Running an ad campaign does not work by just posting your ad and pointing them directly to your product. In this module, you will learn the complete strategy you need to implement to get the highest ROI possible from your ad spend
To maximize the value of your ad spend, you need to turn your traffic into leads. This way, you can create a list of prospective buyers that you can contact over and over again to sell your products.
In this module, you will discover the kinds of images and videos that work well on Facebook. You will also learn the simple content you need to include in your video, to attract quality leads. On top of these, you will also discover how to create professional image ad, even if you know nothing about graphic designs.
The secret to getting quality leads from Facebook is in the targeting. Here, you will find out how to research on your targeting, whatever your niche is.
In this module, you can literally watch how I create a live Facebook ad campaign using Power Editor. You can see a lot of possibilities here that you can apply in your business!
The cool thing about Facebook is that, you can track everything and get back to those who visited your landing pages. That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this module.
Here, you’re going to learn how to accumulate views and then retarget those people who watched your video. You will also learn the kind of videos to use here, for your campaign to become effective.
By accumulating engagements in your ads, you can expand you target reach even more. In this module, you will discover how to do that by leveraging Facebook’s lookalike and custom audience features.

Discover and Apply these PROVEN Strategies and Watch Your Business Grow and Flourish!

 So How Does this Differ from Other FB Video Ad Courses Out There?


Unlike most Facebook video ad courses released out there that just show a single strategy, Social Video Ads teaches a lot of strategies in running ad campaigns


I ran real live campaigns in the training so you can literally see me do all the processes. No more “how do you do that?” or “how did you get there” kinds of thing…


Tried buying a course, only to find out that the interface is obsolete because the training was done a year ago? Well, NOT on this one! The training is fresh and I’ll continue to update the lessons once Facebook rolls out new features.


I do Facebook ad everyday and I often find new things in my campaigns. When I do, I usually share them to my students. As a member, you’ll take advantage of my case studies as well.

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What Marketers are Saying About Social Video Ads..

Running Facebook Ads campaign can be intimidating… it’s easy to get lost and end up dumping money into a giant hole with all the different options and possible strategies…
Unless you have the right instructor. Cham Altatis practices what he preaches, and not only he knows from experience what works, but he also gets to avoid all fluff and useless information, keeping you focused on what you really need to know in order to make the training work!
That makes Social Video Ads probably the most comprehensive (therefore effective) training on how to run FB Video Ads out there. Do yourself a favour and stop jumping from one strategy to another… Pick this up and take action on something that works, you will not regret!

Angel CormanGraphic Designer/Internet Marketer

I have been following Cham’s training courses since he first launched the Cinemagraph training that actually told the marketing community about it’s existence. He makes concepts simple and fun to learn and I am a big believer in the products he puts out there. Social Videos Ads is an amazing course and I am using the learnings right now in my business

NiranjanVideo Marketer

Not only is Cham a skilled video marketer but he is one of the most transparent and ethical marketers I know. Social Video Ads is a superb step by step guide on how to successfully run Facebook Video Ads and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Adam PayneVideo Marketer

Cham has been my go to when it comes to video marketing. He has been a great help to me in promoting real estate properties since I first started. We’ve been running Facebook video ad campaigns together and it’s working well time and time again. Social Video Ads is definitely a valuable course that you need to get access to if you want to have a complete Facebook video ad strategy that you can apply in your business.

Chayne MolingReal Estate Broker & Appraiser

Step by step, well prepared materials for leveraging the power of Social media the easy way. Amazing stuff Cham.

Kayd YonisInternet Marketer

Social Video Ads Also Comes with AMAZING Bonuses…


Bonus 1 - IG
Also owned by Facebook, Instagram is a traffic goldmine! Get your piece of a pie from Instagram’s 400 million daily active users, by advertising your business in this social media.


Earn affiliate commissions by learning how to grab vendors’ videos and images legally, and use them to advertise on Facebook, using the strategies showed in the core training!
Bonus 2 - Aff

What Else Can You Do with Social Video Ads?

After going through the modules inside, you can surely grow your leads and sales FAST while automating the process. But the benefits on enrolling to Social Video Ads does not end there. You can also use the skills you’ll learn here as a service that you can offer to clients. Business owners out there are desperate in growing their business through Facedbook ads. However, most of them don’t have both the skill and time to do so. You can then be there to help them while charging them BIG at the same time!
  • Increase, scale, and automate your leads and sales using all the strategies you’ll learn inside.
  • Offer Facebook video ad a service to desperate business owners out there, willing to pay you thousands of dollars.

Try Social Video Ads for 30 Days Risk Free

Test drive Social Video Ads with peace of mind for 30 days. If after 30 days, you applied all the strategies yet you did not achieve anything at all, just contact me and I’ll refund your money.

Now, It’s Your Turn – Get Started Now..

With the VALUE of the things I showed inside the training, I should be charging $497 for this. But I like more small business owners to be able to come in and so I thought of just making the enrollment fee $97. But during this special launch period, you can get access for a HIGHLY discounted price of… ONLY $37!
However, you gotta ACT FAST and TAKE ACTION now because this special launch period price will not last for long…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this newbie friendly?

Yes it is. I showed the fundamentals then discussed some more advanced strategies as well.
Do I need a big budget to apply the ad strategies shown here?

No you don’t. In fact, I recommended starting from a small budget then only increase your budget once you see results.
Are there other tools that I still need to invest in to run my ad campaigns?

To run your ad campaigns inside Facebook, you don’t need any other tools aside from this free tool – Power Editor. However, depending on what you already have, you might have to invest in some tools like video creation tool to edit your videos and page builder tool to create your landing pages.
Can I surely grow my leads and sales when I enroll here?

Yes of course, as long as you faithfully apply the things I showed inside. I showed how you can create different ad sets and learn what works best for you. Once you have the ones that are working, you can nurture them and scale your success!
Can this work in any niche?

Yes, they work in most niches. Once you get the fundamentals, you can always tweak the strategies and create your own plan that works for your business.
Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is. But since a lot of people abuse this, you have to show proofs that you finished the lessons inside and applied them. If you cannot show proofs, sorry but there’s no refund for you. So if you don’t have any plan in applying the lessons, please don’t enroll. It will be better for both of us.
Can I get fast and great support from you when I’m stuck?

Absolutely! I’ll be there to give support as fast as I can. However, how fast I am depends on your timezone (as I also need to sleep and I have some family duties 🙂 ) Also, we have a private Facebook group where you can post your questions and if ever I’m not around, some members will support you. That’s what our community is for!

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