KWFinder: The Best Alternative For Google Keyword Planner

KWFinder: The Best Alternative For Google Keyword Planner
Review by Jame
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Review by Jame

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All SEOer are know about :

Google Keyword Planner has long become a tool of our favorites.

Simple it’s free. It tells us that the number of monthly searches for the keyword.

But Google Keyword Planner tool is not created for us.

So it is for whom?

The answer is simple: It is for those who run Google Adwords advertising.

Therefore, Google has changed this tool. You no longer can no longer see the exact number of searches for keywords. Instead you can see the scope of the number of searches for keywords. Want to see the numbers as before, you have to spend money on advertising.

Suppose we research the keyword “seo onpage”. This is the extent of the amount of average monthly searches for the keyword seo onpage:

kwfinder 10

The number 100-1K means have between 100 and 1,000 average monthly searches. Obviously, we had difficulty not know the average number of searches monthly correctly.

So whether keyword research tool replacing Google Keyword Planner or not?

Maybe you heard about LongTail Pro. LongTail Pro has served as a keyword research tool is much loved. It helps you find LongTail keyword has low competition. With Platinum version you also know the level of keyword competition.

But now Long Tail Pro has changed. Which according to many bloggers that change downward trend. I have not used the new version launches cloud. On many forums, facebook group people complain a lot about the quality of the cloud version. Separate from the desktop version after the change to the data used Majestic, the accuracy of SEO parameters had problems.

Not to mention using the desktop version has inherent disadvantages as slow speed. Common phenomenon, if not corrected Captcha entry interval data access from Google.

In this context, KWFinder emerged as keyword research tool to best replace Google Keyword Planner.

Want to discover more about this powerful tool?

Let’s start


To get the exact price that you create an account a free account. You access here. Enter email and password. Thus you have an account. Too simple right?

After creating an account, KWFinder will provide 10% of the deals in one hour time limit:


KWFinder offer you 3 packages. Prepay a year you can save 50%. Specifically, the Premium package costs $ 269 ($ 22 / month). Basic package is priced at $ 129 ($ 11 / month).

In addition to 2 KWFinder paid packages also offer free package. This package is mainly to let you know how KWFinder activity because the feature is quite limited. You just study up to 5 keywords per day. And only 25 relevant keywords for each turn out looking. So you can only search for keywords up to 125 a day. But you just know the difficulty for 5 keywords per day.

Note: If you have no need for keyword research often. You can sign up for a month to research keywords for your blog. Later that month you had enough potential keyword list to write for the blog at least one year. Now you can unsubscribe. This way you only spend $ 25 (prices were down 10%) for the Premium package.

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Keyword research

KWFinder statement retrieves data from various sources including major suppliers such as Majestic, Moz. Thus it provides average number of monthly searches for keywords is quite accurate.

Returning to the example keyword “seo onpage” above.

With KWFinder keyword research is very simple. Enter a keyword into the search box, select the country, and language. Then click the Analyze button.


Now you can see the amount of average monthly searches and keyword difficulty. Keyword “seo onpage” search volume is 29 480 and difficulty (easy rating). These parameters than Google Keyword Planner. Not to mention it also reveals you as many relevant keywords.

Talking about the difficulty of keywords in KWFinder, this parameter is very intuitive. Looking knew keyword is easy or difficult. Unlike LongTailPro document you have read out the exact keywords that are easy to rank how much KC. By KC in LongTailPro no accompanying explanation

KC (Keyword Competitiveness): A number from 0-100 in LongTail Pro said the level of competition of the keyword. You should be aiming for keywords with less than 30 KC.

Besides KWFinder somewhat graphic trends for each keyword search in 12 months. This tells you the current keyword that is attractive to the reader or not.

Bottom right-hand corner, you will see the first 10 pages of results in Google SERP (search results pages of Google – the search engine results page). In this framework, you will know the parameters SEO (using parameters of Moz) for 10 pages. These parameters as DA, or backlinks are an important basis for evaluation can help you beat the competition or not.


If you want more information about the Google SERP, you can try using a different tool SERP Checker. This is a new tool launched by Mangools, the company behind KWFinder. It is remarkable that this tool is not sold separately but grouped KWFinder. If you buy or SERP Checker KWFinder, implicitly you use both.

Besides KwFinder also give you three features that help you work more productive keywords.

First, you can keep a list keywords. Simply select the keywords you want to add to the list, and click the Add to List button below.


Enter the name list


And now can manage the list by accessing the menu in the left corner.


You can also export the results to csv file


You can enter a list of keywords you want to study. Just click on the Import link keywords and upload txt file or csv contain keywords (each keyword a line). The number of results depending on the package you purchased:

Basic package: You searched keyword 100 a day, each keyword will display 200 related keywords. So one day you look up to 20,000 keywords.
Premium Package: Up to 500 keywords per day and 700 related keywords. So you can search for up to 350,000.
Say a little bit more to say:

With this tool you can have the number of keywords enough to write for a lifetime a website


KWFinder is very easy to use tool. If you are new to SEO, all parameters are explained in detail when you drag up.

Ming loved the difficulty keyword parameters. It is easy to understand. Looking at what is known keywords that are “good” or not? No need to guess.

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