Info Profits Academy Review And Bonus

INFO PROFITS ACADEMY FE is a video training course, showing methods that Sorin Constantin is currently using to make short 15-30 minute mini-courses, sharing them on online platforms and making passive commissions WITHOUT having to find affiliates or make any sales.

OTO1 contains:

  • 3 profitable case studies
  • Customers can copy and paste
  • Customer can skip all the learning curve and replicate what works
  • Case study 1: How this 20 Minute Skillshare Short Class Made 1000$
  • How A Free Course Made 400$ So Far
  • This Course Makes $300+ In Passive Income Per Month

OTO 2 contains:

  • Done For You package
  • Several beautiful templates to make courses
  • 5 niche ideas
  • 25 product ideas (5 in each niche)
  • Template for Udemy listing which converts
  • Generic Checklist for how to create a product
  • 5 outlines for a typical product in each niche
  • Exclusive, LIVE Training Sessions
  • Exclusive “Invite Only” Facebook Mastermind Group – where your customers will be able to learn additional techniques and to mastermind with others

OTO3 contains:

  • How to make more money faster with some extra methods
  • How to ethically “siphon off” the customers from Skillshare/Udemy/Amazing and funnel them into your email list and customer groups to profit directly from them

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Here are the customers that will love this:

  • Complete Newbies: newbies will be to quickly copy Sorin’s methods and record simple tutorials which will make them residual money every single day. Truly anyone can do this. They don’t even need to be on camera. There is no SEO, no PPC involved. And, there is no upfront or ongoing cost involved. They will love the fast results and passive profits.
  • MMO / Simple Ways To Make Money: people interested in general MMO opportunities and simple ways to make money will LOVE this offer. They will get a shortcut to a method to bank passive profits per transaction, without the complexities of ads, paid funnels and SEO.
  • Those who are looking for a real business: This is a real business model. Sorin is one of top instructions on Skillshare, and he built his business very fast. Now anyone can do the exact same thing, copying his results. It’s a real business that people can build.
  • Video Marketing: If your list like video, they will LOVE this offer. It involves making simple videos. Same video can be uploaded to multiple sites and will earn recurring payments. The more videos they make and upload, the more money they will make.

Sorin is one of the top instructors on Skillshare, Udemy and some other online teaching platforms.

In a very short amount of time, he has managed to build a customer database of over 43,000, customer following of 18,000 on Skillshare alone, and tens of thousands more on other platforms.

He specialises in making short courses (15-30 minutes) and listing them on Skillshare and several other platforms.

This method required NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever.

Best thing? NO SELLING of the course is required. Skillshare and the other platforms will send sales to the uploaded course, your customers simply have to make a short course and upload it.

Your customers will learn how to do the same. Anyone can do this, because it’s so simple. The instructor doesn’t even have to be on camera, it can be a screencast. Or the creation of the course can be outsourced.

We are showing every single step of the process – from choosing a hot topic which will be very successful, to how to make the video, how to upload it and how to maximise the results they’re going to get.

Info Profits Academy is a proven, tested method that will have your customers thrilled to open your email, while putting thousands of dollars in your own pockets at the same time.


Sorin is using 4 different platforms. Same short course can be used on all 4, reusing the material that your customers will record. Here are Sorin’s monthly earnings just from Skillshare alone (he uses 3 other platforms too).

Here is the overview of Sorin’s Skillshare account. He has made over $36k so far from it, and has taught a total of over 46,000 students.

Another platform Sorin uses is Amazing Selling Machine. Same video he uses on Skillshare is simply uploaded to Amazing Selling Machine, resulting in payments like this:

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