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Explaindio Video Creator Review

Explaindio Video Creator Review
Review by Jame
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Explaindio Video Creator

Review by Jame

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Welcome to my Explaindio Video Creator Review

Explaindio Video Creator is a professional video creation software .You can easily create unique animated videos without having to know too many things. Simple interface, easy to use, professional products are points help the Explaindio Video Creator  became the best-selling software now .

With Explaindio Video Creator, you can

  • Sketching pictures of the video and then make the switch to live video .
  • Sketching the first frame of the animation and then make the transition smooth
  • Making multiple steps, such as sprite, moving images of any object, including video, animation, images, and doodle.
  • Create video “green screen” and replace any color with animation, live video, graphic or image doodle ..
  • Enter any font in any language. Draw and animate text with any character.
  • Draw beautiful text characters with a solid line
  • Set multiple zoom in and out of action for video, animation, graphics, and photographs doodle sketches. Set up time to operate independently for each part of the zoom range.
  • Many action set rotation for video, animation, graphics, and photographs doodle sketches. Set up time to operate independently for each rotation sequence.

If you don’t believe you can watch video demo

What do you feel when watching videos? Would you like yourself can make it? When Explaindio Video Creator was released in 2014, I bought it and it is really amazing for me.
I am not designer and I worry when drawn image .But with Explaindio Video Creator I can easily create videos with scribbled drawings.
The interface is extremely simple to use, but there is one point I did not like it as the file it creates quite heavy so it must create multiple transfer .It is wast of time to upload it

Kết quả hình ảnh cho button download

Who should use it?

  • Marketer
  • Start up and small business
  • Trainer and educator
  • video consultant
  • freelancer work on fiverr
  • youtube partner

Let talk about business

92% of the top selling products on Clickbank, the digital market’s largest online, use the video in the sales process. It is staggeringly high percentage is a clear indication that continuous video faster than writing copy.

While a copy of the text just sits there, a video allowing to reach and connect better with the audience and prospects.

Explaindio makes it possible to create, marketing, advertising, video explainer and professional-looking attention-grabbing just a few minutes.

Ie more profits in a shorter period of time, no production costs, which can run up to ten thousand dollars, and do not wait for weeks or months to get the video was produced.

Historically the excessive costs and long production time led businesses or larger enterprises either give up or limit their video advertising significantly.


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Now, the price is only $57, so if you want to buy it, please act now because the price will increase day by day. And when you buy through this page, you will receive the bonuses which I mention as below.

Extra Bonus

50 High Quality Video Background


Video Character Grab Bag


Video Market Profit Guide


Video Consultant Power Clien Funnel

Perfect Pitch Video

50 Royalty Free High Quality Music Loops


Rapid seo funnel


Instant 5 video template


Video Template Mega Pack

Social Media Massacre Video


20 Audio Clips v3

18 Stock Videos Clips


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