10 Tips To Choose Niche Amazon Successful

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How are you today ? I  hope you fine . Today I will share my experience about choose Niche Amazon to build money site successfull. This is just my experience so they will be slightly under the personal opinion. So if you do not agree you can comment below, we can discuss more about it.

Tip 1 : Products with good prices (in my opinion : price should $ 50 or more is ok)

Why ? Because commission you receive when you sell a product successful is so low. Sound not good , right ?

Don’t worry because all product on Amazon.com so easy to sell . We can imagine : your commission you can receive is 4% . With a product has price 50$ , your commission : 50*4%=2$ . But if you can sell 100 product in day , you can receive commission 2*100=200$. Why I choose 100 sales to my example , because all product on Amazon is necessary for life , so It will so easy to sell.

Tip 2:Products with good purchasing power (usually based on the number and  Reviews Recent )

If product have recent reviews , that means people keep using it and you can sell it in future. In my experience , recent reviews should within 3 months nearest.

Tip 3: Keywords with moderate competition levels

If you can find a niche have easy keywords not ever better , but if you can’t find them , you can choose keyword with medium competition levels to replace . Inportant : they can rank on Google . We can determined keyword levels by using long tail pro . Long tail pro will help you calculate the value KC . Then we can compare KC to know  keyword values that belong to what extent. You can check the image below to get an idea about the organic competition based on KC metrics.


You have found some keywords that have KC under 30, right?

Tip 4: Products monotonous

Read up on Google’s blog, I saw many cases of Thin content that website owners have tried to make every effort to be thin but still not removed. The fact there are so chosen niche site is unsuitable.

For example, there should select niche of Kitchen Faucets, Water Softener?

If one realistically recognize whether someone has enough “passion” of the faucet to establish what would one personal blog about it anyway?

Can you guitar enthusiasts, the motorcycle enthusiasts … but make no one went mad “passion cock”.

So when we choose niche, we should look for products with a little complexity, products that people can have “inspired” with it really.

Tip 5 : Much information or Not ?

Imagine if you choose the niche Kitchen Faucets, whether you think of how much the idea of writing tips tricks outside the installation instructions, guidelines or instructions sanitary hose against rules. END.

The resulting product is “inspiration” will have many topics to develop more website content. And that is the true subject, rather we must caps invented to write for “multiple”

Tip 6 : Backlink sources

When making niche site, we often using backlinks, so you need to look carefully, Can it easy to find source niche profile forum, blog comments relevant? (Source link diverse main anchor), easy to find PBN relevant?

Tip 7 : Capable of expansion

If only niche site is pretty risky, as the later Google increasingly show a preference for the big smaller sites rather than sites created solely for the purpose Monetize.

Therefore, we should consider the option of many product niche adjacent to the success achieved with the first niche, we can expand more niche related websites and gradually turned it into one big site. (As Lam said, initially when choosing a domain, choose a domain has the ability to expand, not narrow: choose your products do)

For example, you make the table saw, then the future can be extended on the circular saw, band saw ….

The selection of the further development of related niche also very beneficial because you understand very deeply about the kind of products, you will control the content better, more favorable link building … and ensure your website safer before the Google algorithm.

Tip 8: Time and determination

You know, do not do things that are easy to make money at all. Niche sites are also not an exception.

Never mind that 15 minutes per day can earn thousands of dollars over several months. If so easy anyone can do it.

So if you do not have much free time, do not desire to hug number of large niche. Initially only a small niche as well, and then gradually expand still not too late.

Once selected and certainly in what you do, be determined altitude. Never give up.

Tip 9 :Budget

This is also a very important factor.

We need to judge in advance with the money he has, whether that niche enough to rank up within 6 months, or not?

Tip 10:Seasonal Niche

Please check whether the product trends of keywords that have seasonal?

If the product is seasonal, there will be a full season, hunger season. Can You accept the fact that?


Above is a bit experience I learned from my own experience. Hopefully this will help you enter the world of new niche sites that have a more complete look before.

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